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At Amica Distribution not only do we know the telecoms industry, we know the needs of small business in the UK 


Whether you’re a bigger business with 1,000 colleagues and hundreds of sites, or a smaller business with a single location, we’ll provide the service that fits your business needs perfectly.

We’re passionate about you and the experience you have with us; that’s why we always start out by considering the users of our services. Be that the IT team who are so often the advocates and leaders of change, the executive teams looking for new ways of working, or individual colleagues in the business looking for the tools that will make their lives easier and help them excel in their roles.


Brings a Dieter Rams-esque design sensibility to a product that has changed little in the past 200 years.
— Darren Saddler, The Lifestyle Lesuire Group
Beautiful design aside, the bottom line about the Fulton Cycle is that it’s simply a joy to ride and use.
— Jonathan Woollard, Yellow Panada Pub Co.
Mind-blowingly chic. A fashion accessory in addition to a bike.
— Becca Chang, TFN
The Fulton Cycle will spark a revolution and change urban transportation forever
— Amir Hussein, Inwidget

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